Your call center is the front line of your customer service experience
Quality monitoring through Phoenix, Arizona based company Sage Advantage can help ensure you call center is providing superior customer service. Working in a call center is a tough, but extremely important job. Your call center representatives are often the first, if not only, point of contact your customers may have with your company. Your representatives also have the ability to take an unhappy customer and turn them into a happy one, thus, keeping their business. On the same token, a poor experience with your call center can also cost you a customer.

Even though quality monitoring in your call center is so important, it often doesn’t get the attention it deserves or needs, even though it offers a variety of benefits. That’s where we can help. Take a look and see what you can gain by instituting a quality monitoring program.

We can help ease the burden on your managers and supervisors
Call center managers and supervisors have a lot to do. It can sometimes be a struggle to keep up with it all. Quality monitoring with Sage Advantage can help ease their burden by taking over monitoring calls. This can free them up for other tasks. Plus, we can monitor more calls than your manager could alone, providing more a better understanding of the service your representatives are providing.

Increased coaching and training opportunities can be found with extra monitoring
Another benefit of increased quality monitoring is that you can find more training opportunities for your representatives. By listening to more calls from each agent, we can identify strong performers and weak ones, as well as determine areas were additional training and coaching will be beneficial. This can help ensure the people helping your customers are equipped to give the best customer service possible.

Customer feedback can be beneficial as well
Though quality monitoring often involves how we perceive a call going, but with Sage Advantage, you can also get your customer’s perspective. Our survey product gets feedback from your customer while it’s still fresh in their minds, helping you get a full picture of the interaction.

Improved customer service is another benefit
Quality monitoring can also lead to improved customer service in your call center. By giving your representatives the attention and training they need to be successful, the service they provide customers will improve as well. This can lead to improved sales and customer retention, effectively increasing your bottom line.

Quality monitoring based in Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona based company Sage Advantage can help ease the burden of quality monitoring in your call center. To learn more about the benefits and how we or our other business, Evaluate Quality, can help, please contact us today.