About call center QA
Call center QA, or call center quality assurance, is perhaps the most important operational aspect of running a contact center. Proper quality assurance ensures that customer needs are met, the contact center is operated efficiently, and associates are meeting prescribed performance standards.

Call center QA is generally achieved through a system of monitoring and/or recording customer interactions for scoring and feedback. It can also consist of data analysis and metrics that help give the organization visibility to performance over time.

How call center QA is measured
Call center QA is often managed with the assistance of a call monitoring software system. These programs can be highly customizable to meet the specific needs of the organization. They most often focus on recording, monitoring, and scoring customer interactions, but they can involve other data gathering and analysis tools as well.

With call monitoring, management in your call center will have a clear and objective view of the level of customer service being provided. These systems can also help identify and highlight training needs. They are usually also tied in to the performance management plan for associates.

Improving quality assurance with call monitoring
A call monitoring software system can provide a dashboard for call center QA. This gives a quick summary or snapshot of how operations in the call center are doing. It can also allow for a “drill down” into more detail about specific metrics or measurements that are of interest. Reports can be issued on a regular basis to provide insights into associate performance, key metrics, customer satisfaction levels, and other measurements.

Implementing call monitoring has been shown to boost associate performance and improve customer service levels in contact centers. Some call monitoring systems can also be designed, modified, and tweaked to meet the very specific requirements of individual contact centers. A well designed and well managed call monitoring software system is a key element in ensuring call center quality assurance.

Finding a partner for call center QA
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