About call center reporting
Call center reporting is a key element to managing an efficient and successful contact center. This integral tool helps provide visibility of call center performance to all layers of management. It also helps shape training, operations, and agent performance evaluation.

Call center reporting can take many different shapes and forms; it can be as basic or as complicated as the needs of the organization require. At its core, call center reporting will provide a snapshot of customer contact statistics and agent performance overview. This is achieved through the recording, monitoring, and scoring of customer interactions. Most organizations utilize a software solution to manage call center reporting.

Improving call center reporting
Because reporting is so critical to the operation of a contact center, even small incremental improvements in this area can have big benefits for your business. Some key considerations in improving call center reporting include:
• Objectivity- ensure that you have eliminated any subjective decisions possible from your call center reporting tools. Make sure that metrics are clear and easily defined, and that you are not relying on human input whenever possible.
• Make goals clear at all levels- Everyone in the organization, from the newest agent to the highest manager, should understand exactly what the metrics are and what “success” looks like according to those metrics. This ensures alignment across the organization.
• Utilization- Data is only as valuable as its application. Are you ensuring that the information gathered by your call center reporting tool is appropriately reviewed, analyzed, and distributed to get the most possible value from it.

If you feel like your current call center management system is not meeting all of your needs, or is not optimized provide the greatest benefit, then it might be time to consider an alternative solution. Similarly, if your organization is not currently utilizing call center reporting, then you have the opportunity to drive great improvement through its implementation.

Your partner for call center reporting
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