Types of call monitoring software
Call monitoring is an integral part of the operations of a contact center. Without it, it can be difficult to measure or manage the performance of associates. There are several different ways to achieve call monitoring. Call monitoring may be done via live call review, with hardware systems, or with software solutions to manage call recording and review.

If you are implementing call monitoring software, or looking to change to a different provider, the amount of choice may seem overwhelming. There are a variety of different SaaS (software as a service) products designed to manage contact center quality.

A key distinction when it comes to call center monitoring software is whether the product is “out of the box” (predetermined features, function, and operation) or customized specifically for the organization. It is also possible to find a hybrid solution, where most features are established but certain elements can be tweaked for the best fit with the call center.

Choosing the right fit for your contact center
In order to choose the right solution for your call center, there are a few key things you will want to keep in mind.
• Clearly defined specifications and metrics- it may sound basic, but it is important to have complete clarity and alignment on what you want your call monitoring software to be and do. This can help save you from a bad investment down the road.
• Invest for the future- Look for a solution that can grow with your company, and address both your current and future needs. This will help you avoid “outgrowing” your call monitoring software.
• Seek flexibility- Every contact center is different, and will have unique needs and place varying importance on certain features and metrics. The ability to customize your software solution can help you get the most bang for your buck.
• Look for synergies- In addition to call monitoring, many software packages offer the option to add a suite of related services that can help increase the efficiency of your operation.

Your call monitoring software partner
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