What is call monitoring software?

Call monitoring software helps businesses with contact centers manage and metric customer interactions. This is a powerful tool both for managing associate performance and delivering business insights.

Call monitoring software facilitates the recording and review of customer calls, emails, and chats. It also records and provides data on call statistics, including such things as:

  • Call length
  • Hold time
  • Number of times customer was passed to a different associate
  • Call volumes and trends
  • Customer satisfaction (if a survey is enabled)

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Why is call monitoring software important?

Software to monitor calls has many benefits, but two stand out as of primary importance: managing and improving associate performance, and gathering business insights. Both of these benefits can contribute directly to a company’s bottom line.

Improving associate performance boosts retention, lowers training and performance management costs, and, of course, improves customer experience (which, in turn, lowers cost and increases loyalty).

Business insights can be invaluable to shaping the direction of the call center and the company. On the most basic level, the business insights provided by call monitoring software can help the contact center understand traffic patterns (such as call volume, frequency, and length) to staff efficiently.

How much does call monitoring software cost?

The cost of call monitoring software will vary widely depending on certain factors. These factors include:

  • The software provider you choose
  • The size and scope of your call center
  • The level of detail and analysis you require in call tracking and insights

Basically, the software can be implemented to fit any budget. Before you commit to a specific software, you will need to spend some time blueprinting the specific business benefits you are looking for and identifying the metrics that you want to track. This will allow you to receive faster and more accurate quotes from potential partners.

When considering the cost of call monitoring software, be sure to identify and plan for the potential return on investment. For example, you could calculate how much the call center would save in overtime or hourly wages once you have the data to understand how to properly staff at different times for call volume.

Choosing a call monitoring software partner

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