About call center Quality Assurance

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Call center QA, or quality assurance, refers to the management and measurement of customer interactions in a call center. Call center QA is an important practice to ensure that your customers are having the best possible experience with touch points to your business. It is also a way to evaluate associates’ performance and provide training opportunities.

Call center QA can be managed in a variety of ways. It can be a dedicated business unit within the organization, managed by a third party service provider, handled via a software system, or some combination of the above. While call center QA involves some investment of time and money, the consequences of ignoring this important function can be even more expensive for an organization.

 How call center QA benefits your business

Establishing call center quality assurance allows companies to provide near-immediate feedback and course correction to customer service associates. When calls, emails, and chats with customers are recorded, monitored, and analyzed, the findings can be implemented almost in real time. This provides more targeted, and therefore more effective, training plans.

Call center QA also brings you closer to the voice of your customer. The analysis of data gathered from recorded and monitored interactions can provide learnings to senior management. This can help shape corporate strategy and strategic direction.

Call center QA also can unearth opportunities for cost reductions, based on customer feedback on products and services. Additionally, a better trained customer service staff is more efficient and therefore, less expensive.

Hidden costs of not investing in quality assurance

Some companies might see foregoing call center QA as a cost savings measure, but this is a short-sighted mindset. Without call center QA, how do you really know what kind of experience your customers are having when they contact your business? It’s possible that your customers could be experiencing frustrating or poor customer service, which in turn impacts retention and loyalty rates.

Those who do not embrace call center quality assurance also miss out on the opportunity to collect actionable data from their customers. Part of call center QA can involve implementing customer satisfaction surveys. This data is extremely valuable in targeting future opportunities. In essence, saving money on call center QA might be akin to throwing money away.

Implementing call center QA in your business

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