What is call center QA?

Call center QA Evaluate Quality AZ - Call center QA: Metrics to manageCall center QA is the management, monitoring, and measurement of quality assurance in a contact center. Exactly what comprises call center QA is going to vary from organization to organization. Some of the factors that influence how a contact center defines quality assurance include size, industry, type of call center, and strategic importance of the call center.

For some companies, such as those in the health care industry, it is a necessity that contact center interactions be carefully monitored and controlled. It is essential that management have visibility and documentation of calls and call data. For other businesses, call center QA is more informal and less sophisticated. It may consist of a few team members who are dedicated quality staff and record or review random interactions.

Whatever your organization’s size or needs, call center monitoring software is a smart solution to managing QA. These systems can be tailored to specifically target the metrics that are important to your organization.

What should call center QA measure?

Again, metrics will vary by company, but some of the more common call center quality measurements include:
• First call resolution- whether or not customers are able to get a satisfactory result from their initial contact
• Response time- how long it takes to get a resolution
• Agent performance- the amount of calls/phone time agents are logging per shift
• Staffing accuracy- call volume vs. agents available
• Customer satisfaction- perhaps the most important metric- how happy the customer is with the quality of their interaction

This is just a small sampling of the metrics that can be measured with call center QA. If your company is implementing call center monitoring, you will want to work with your management team and service provider to identify and develop the most important metrics for your needs.

Finding a cell center monitoring partner

Call center QA is critical to the efficient and optimal operations of a contact center. In order to make sure that your contact center is tracking and managing the most important quality metrics, you will want to work with an experienced call center monitoring partner. To find out more about a customized call center monitoring software solution, contact the experts at Evaluate Quality. Whether you are in the Phoenix or Scottsdale AZ area or anywhere in the United States, the experienced team at Evaluate Quality can help implement a unique software service customized for your company’s needs.

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