Call center monitoring software options

What is call center monitoring software?

Call center monitoring software Options to improve your contact center 300x225 - Call center monitoring software: Options to improve your contact centerCall center monitoring software is a critical component to contact center management. Without it, it can be nearly impossible to have quantitative data on associate performance and customer experience.

It is a broad term referring to all technological solutions for monitoring and recording call center interactions and gathering and disseminating statistical data from customer contact points. Call center monitoring software can take many forms, from a custom made hardware installation to a cloud-based solution. The type of call center monitoring software that a company needs will vary based on the size and type of their call center and their goals from the program.

How do I know if my business needs call center monitoring software?

If your company has a call center with more than a few associates, a call center monitoring software solution is probably a good idea. Otherwise, it can be hard to get a transparent view of call center operations.

Even though a call center may be able to operate without call center monitoring software, it will be missing critical operational data that can help it improve performance.

What are the different types of call center monitoring software?

Call center monitoring can utilize artificial intelligence, human reviewers, or a combination of both. The human reviewers, or analysts, may be employees of the contact center, or they may be from a third party firm.  Call center monitoring utilizing human reviewers is generally acknowledged to be the most accurate. However, voice recognition software can help classify calls and identify key attributes prior to human review.

It is up to the company to decide whether or not the reviewers should be employees or outside consultants. There are benefits and drawbacks to each option. Third party reviewers may be more impartial than employees; on the other hand, company employees are easier to manage and afford the contact center management more control of the monitoring process.

Choosing your call monitoring software partner

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