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It costs your business so much more time and money to ATTRACT a new customer than it does to KEEP a valued customer. Keeping your valued customers starts with offering a higher level of customer service. That starts with a higher quality of call centers.

Your customers want live interaction from a real empathetic person who can easily be understood. The minute you try to save a penny with an automated robot or overseas call center, you begin to lose your valued customers. And fast!

With Sage Advantage, Your Real Advantage is Quality

Your customers will experience our higher level of quality through the professional people they speak to and the immediate satisfaction they receive. Your business and team leaders will experience the results of our quality through:

  • Streamlined Customer Acquisition
  • Enhanced Company or Brand Perception
  • Faster Growth
  • Increased Customer Retention
  • Future Sales, Revenue and Profits

What Makes Us Different

So, what defines a call center that’s committed to extraordinary quality and service?

  • We quickly identify potential problems BEFORE they impact your business
  • We establish reliable service performance measures and review operational processes
  • We constantly measure customer satisfaction and other performance outcomes
  • We utilize an advanced approach to contact center quality management where we combine disciplines of psychology, engineering and technology to improve decision-making and results.

As we commit to using these quality call center tactics every single day, the results are crystal clear:

  • Your customers gain a whole new appreciation for your company
  • Our clients are continuously improving their skills to help your business
  • And your business grows as a result of spreading exceptional customer service, retaining valued customers and constantly attracting new referrals.

When deciding the best third party quality management services for your business, make sure “QUALITY” comes first. Let us prove our higher level of quality — Schedule an online demo where you’ll see the process and results firsthand.