Call center quality monitoring
Quality Monitoring 300x217 - Quality monitoring: standardizing call centerCall center quality monitoring is an essential tool to ensure that customer service in a contact center meet established standards. Usually, this practice consists of the recording and/or monitoring of phone calls, online chats, and emails between agents and customers.

The way that call center quality monitoring is implemented can vary from organization to organization, and it can range from very casual to highly structured. Generally, the more robust a call center monitoring program is, the more effective it will be at improving agent performance and customer service.

Common challenges associated with quality monitoring
There are several pitfalls that organizations may encounter when it comes to quality monitoring. These may include:
• Lack of structure or organization in quality monitoring program: if the monitoring program is managed by call center management or employees, it may be operated in a casual manner without proper oversight.
• Inadequately or inappropriately staffed quality monitoring: Proper personnel is essential to the success of call center monitoring.
• Monitoring that is not objective or consistent: without a standardized metric for scoring customer interactions, and a set schedule or sample size for evaluation, quality monitoring can be ineffective.
• Lack of action on insights: Gathering and reporting data is just the first step of effective quality monitoring. If those insights aren’t translated into action- like agent performance feedback and training- then the program is useless.

How call monitoring software can help
For many organizations, contracting a third party monitoring software system is the ideal solution. This allows for standardized, objective metrics to be applied to a quality monitoring program.

It removes the burden of designing a quality assurance program from call center management. Call monitoring software can also be customized to meet the specific needs of the organization that it is serving. Most call centers see a significant improvement in efficiency and customer satisfaction after implementing call monitoring software.

Finding your call center quality monitoring software partner
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