Quality monitoring for contact centers

If you manage a customer call center, you know how crucial quality monitoring can be. You may also know that it has the potential to be quite expensive. Justifying the implementation of quality monitoring often requires a review of the return on investment, or payback, of the program.

Quality monitoring in a call center is usually focused around the recording, reviewing, and scoring of customer interactions. This feeds into associate performance management. Additionally, a good monitoring system can provide management with important data and insights to improve the operations of the organization.

Cost of quality
Quality monitoring for contact centers can take many forms, from the most basic oversight to incredibly sophisticated software programs that manage and metric almost every aspect of the call center. Of course, the price tag increases accordingly. The first step towards justifying the implementation of monitoring is understanding and clearly defining exactly what the needs of your organization are.

Once you have your quality plan clearly scoped, you will need to identify all of the associated costs. Most monitoring is done through the implementation of a software package, which would have an initial purchase and installation charge, as well as potential monthly maintenance fees. Additionally, you will want to consider the labor cost of the additional headcount (employees or outside contractors) who manage, sustain, and interface with the software system. Finally, take a look at any associated overhead increases.

Tangible benefits from implementing quality monitoring
The benefits from monitoring can be both objective and subjective. While “improving customer satisfaction” is difficult to quantify, the savings associated with a reduction in turnover is not. Some key metrics that you can track to identify the benefits of your monitoring system include:
• Manhour reductions (through more efficient operations)
• Training cost reductions, from both more targeted training and reduction in turnover
• Reduction in supervisory or quality assurance staff
• Increase in first call resolution

Finding your quality monitoring software partner
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