Quality monitoring: Avoid common mistakes in implementation

Quality monitoring is a hot topic in call center management. If your company utilizes an inbound or outbound call center, you probably already know how critical quality monitoring is. However, if you are implementing quality monitoring for the first time, there are some common mistakes you will want to avoid.

Quality monitoring encompasses to the recording and review of customer interactions- whether they are calls, emails, or chats. The recording is generally done through a software program, and the reviewing is performed by quality technicians either employed by the call center or by a third party. This enables the company to more accurately gauge and manage associate performance.

Quality Monitoring 300x200 - Quality monitoring mistakes: Avoid these common pitfalls

While quality monitoring can return great benefits in call center management, it needs to be done right. Unfortunately, there are some mistakes that are all too common when businesses are implementing quality monitoring for the first time. If you are setting up quality monitoring in your organization for the first time, you will want to avoid these pitfalls:

1. Selective use of quality monitoring: Whether the intent is to save time or save money, some organizations do not fully deploy their quality monitoring systems. This can end up having the opposite effect. It’s not necessary to monitor every call, but it’s important to monitor every type of call, and have a broad enough spectrum of interactions monitored to garner real and actionable data.

2. Using quality monitoring solely punitively: Sure, quality monitoring is going to unearth some less than ideal associate behavior, and you will want to address that through performance management. However, quality monitoring is not just a tool to “catch” poor associate performance. There is a wealth of information that can be mined, including how to improve training, rewarding and recognizing associates that go above and beyond, and customer insights.

3. Choosing the wrong partner: Not all quality monitoring providers are created equal. Make sure you vet your potential partner carefully, and cross-reference their capabilities against the needs of your organization.

Choosing your quality monitoring partner

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