Call center quality monitoring
Quality Control 300x300 - Quality monitoring metrics- how call monitoring can helpCall center quality monitoring is a crucial aspect of running a successful customer contact center. To ensure that your customers receive the best possible service, it is necessary to be able to measure and benchmark performance in certain critical areas.

With an inbound or outbound call center, this is usually achieved through the implementation of a call center monitoring software solution. This can help management gather data and make more accurate measurements and decisions.

Metrics to measure
There are many key quality metrics involved in the successful operation of a customer contact center. These metrics may also vary from industry to industry and company to company. Your organization is the best positioned to understand and identify the metrics that are most important to you. With that being said, some of the more common quality metrics that are measured in call centers include:
• First call resolution: the percentage of customer issues that are resolved with the initial contact
• Response time: the average amount of time it takes for a customer to reach an associate
• Schedule management: the amount or percent of time during an agent’s scheduled shift that he or she is actively working with a customer
• Customer satisfaction: quite simply, how happy the customer is with the quality of the service that he or she receives from the call center.

Work with your management team or quality monitoring software provider to determine the metrics that are best for your needs.

How call center monitoring software can help
There are many different ways that these metrics can be measured. However, call monitoring software makes it easy. Since the implementation of the software program is universal across the call center, it eliminates subjectivity that might arise in other methods of quality control.

Call center monitoring software can also make the gathering, distilling, and analysis of data easier and more automated. This puts more accurate information into the hands of management- and gets it to them faster.

Implementing call monitoring for quality control
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