About quality monitoring
Quality monitoring is a cornerstone of effective and efficient call center management. With quality monitoring, you have the ability to record, review, and score your associates’ interactions with customers.

There are many different ways that quality monitoring can be achieved, but it is most often done with a dedicated software system. This will allow calls to be either reviewed in real time or recorded for future review. It can help establish and measure call statistics such as time to resolution, and can even implement customer satisfaction surveys that provide management with a snapshot of how the contact center is doing.

How quality monitoring can improve agent performance
In addition to providing transparency and visibility to the level of customer service being provided, quality monitoring can be a great tool to help improve agent performance. Some of the ways that this is achieved include:
• Clearer goals and metrics that help associates understand what is expected of them- with well implemented quality monitoring, there is no subjectivity to call scoring. As a result, it can be completely transparent to associates what is expected of them, eliminating confusion and allowing them to better hit their goals.
• Rewards and consequences for performance management- when associates know their work is being reviewed, they are naturally more careful in their interactions. Incentive programs for great performance can increase motivation, while concern about negative performance reviews can be a deterrent
• More insights- providing your associates with data to help them understand the overall operations of the call center, statistical trends in key metrics, and overall customer satisfaction can provide them with a feeling of empowerment, which can be a strong motivator for performance.

Without quality monitoring, it is almost impossible to get top performance from your call center associates. Better call center management manifests itself in a happier, higher performing, and more motivated workforce. If your organization is not effectively utilizing quality monitoring today, it is probably a good idea to look into a new software that can help.

Implementing quality monitoring
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