7 Core Values — Centered Around Your Customers, Your Success

More than a mission. Beyond a company philosophy. We live and breathe our 7 CORE VALUES
every single day in everything we do at Sage Advantage. They are our heart and soul.

Our 7 Core Values are:

• Customer

• Quality

• Caring

• Teamwork

• Innovative

• Initiative

• Integrity

Core Value #1 — Customers First

We always treat customers with the highest priority. Every interaction becomes an opportunity to increase their satisfaction with the products and services with provide. We accomplish this goal in a variety of ways:

  • By always listening and conveying an understanding of yours and your customers’ needs, problems and feedback
  • By constantly seeking advice from the Sage Advantage team to provide a winning solution to a customer’s question, concern or problem
  • By conveying accurate and realistic expectations in a timely manner
  • By always acting with empathy and courtesy to both internal and external customers in all situations

Core Value #2 — Higher Quality

Quality comes first in everything we do. You consistently experience it in a higher level of professionalism. Your business experiences it with increasing customer satisfaction and continuous growth.

In order to ensure we are always delivering the highest degree of quality possible, the team at Sage Advantage:

  • Follows best practices, enacts quality checks and constantly measures results
  • Uses today’s leading technologies that deliver the fastest and most impactful results
  • Clearly communicates our expectations to you
  • Allows adequate time for preparation, testing and review before delivering a product or service

“We offer better service now…”

“We offer better service now and our customer communications are more consistent, agents make sure and work toward hitting key sales points.”

— Manufacturer

Core Value #3 — A Culture of Caring

A company who cares never stops at “good enough”. Never passes the buck. Never quits trying until both you and the customer are 100% satisfied. Truly caring about your customers, your business and the job we do puts Sage Advantage far above every other quality monitoring service.

Throughout our years, we’ve NEVER lost a customer due to poor service Our commitment to caring guarantees we never will. At Sage Advantage, we also demonstrate our level of care by:

  • Supporting and encouraging our team’s personal and professional development
  • Offering personal time and resources to those in need throughout our community

Core Value #4 — A Teamwork Commitment

At Sage Advantage, our “team” doesn’t stop at our employees and analysts. It’s also your business. Therefore, every possible opportunity or issue we face… we face together. We share credit for successes and responsibility for problems. We constantly improve our processes and grow our relationships by giving supportive feedback, sharing ideas and helping out when needed.

Your customers will immediately recognize the benefits from our teamwork through more professional and helpful engagement. Your business will naturally experience better customer satisfaction and impressive growth as a result of our teamwork philosophy.

Core Value #5 — Inspired Innovation

As you and your customers’ expectations of quality service grows, our business and our response must adapt to meet those needs. Our team at Sage Advantage continuously utilizes their creativity, resourcefulness and out-of-the-box thinking to always add value to a situation, product or service.

Core Value #6 — Initiative

When working with a third party quality, compliance and performance enhancement service provider for your call center, we always act in your best interest. We achieve this high degree of initiative by:

  • Seizing opportunities to enhance, redefine or improve a situation while aligning with team goals
  • Taking every opportunity to satisfy customers’ needs and fulfill their expectations
  • Identifying and acting on possible problems BEFORE they impact your business

Core Value #7 — Integrity In Everything We Do

We are connecting with you, helping solve complex problems and ensuring the highest satisfaction possible. That takes extraordinary trust on your part. In return for that level of trust, we ensure the highest level of integrity.

You can be confident that we will:

  • Communicate expectations clearly
  • Be 100% transparent in our decision-making process
  • Always take responsibility for any problems that arise
  • Always keep our promises and commitments
  • Act with the highest ethical standards in working with internal and external customers

Right now, these 7 Core Values are simply words on a website. Yet, the minute you begin to work with our team, you see how they affect everything. Get a glimpse of our Core Value commitment — schedule a demo or talk with a Sage representative today.