The Business Intelligence to Create a Quality Customer Experience

Use of advanced new technologies help us bring high value interactions to the surface. Analyzing customer experience, extracting meaning and linkages to customer perceptions from human interactions drives performance. We’ve combined disciplines of psychology, engineering and technology to create results-based solutions that is 100% specific to your organization.

Combined with the industry’s leading call quality monitoring and evaluation, and you have the most effective methods for enhancing your customers’ experience.  By establishing clarity around what drives your customers’ perceptions, we help you set both tactical and strategic direction through data backed analysis.  By engineering your quality program to drive specific results in sales, service and compliance, you drive those linkages in customer experience that produce ongoing results.

Equip Your Center with a Dedicated Quality Team

Sage Advantage takes a true partnership approach to creating and managing quality programs for its clients. Through the entire process of quality program design, implementation, and ongoing operations, Sage Advantage works hard to seamlessly integrate with your team, processes, and technology.  Sage Advantage implements key service quality practices completely customized for you, including:

  • Establishing valid and reliable service performance measures
  • Identifying problems quickly and systematically – In Realtime
  • Understanding the impact of operational processes on service quality
  • Evaluating and measuring customer satisfaction and other performance outcomes
  • Considering human interactions that can guide the customer’s journey
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Combined Team, Technique and Expertise — The New Approach

With more than two decade’s worth of helping today’s most respected organizations improve their call quality monitoring, Sage Advantage delivers impressive results. By providing a dedicated team, the right technology, combined with many years of expertise our clients are assured of:

  • Advanced Technology at Highly Efficient Costs
  • Ability to Cover up to 100% of interaction volume.
  • Consistent Predictable Costs
  • Dedicated Expert Team

Supervisors and managers have access to critical real-time quality analysis. With the right information in hand, they have the ability to quickly review their center, group or

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Turnkey Quality Programs in 6 to 12 weeks

Sage Advantage provides trails of quality programs and related technology. Trails range in cost based on duration and include Sage Advantage professional services and cloud infrastructure.

Targeted Approach

Through the use of AI we can enhance detection of specific scenarios to target evaluations. This also allows us to evaluate up to 100% of volume and provide a highly targeted sample for deeper analysis of interactions.

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