The way consumers interact with customer service is changing each year. Understanding the importance of a quality customer experience can help businesses adapt to the diverse needs of consumers. If you’re looking for information on how to keep your customers happy, and what they want to see in a customer service interaction, then you’ll love this info graphic.

index01 01 1 - The Importance of a Great Customer Experience in 2018

Infographic Transcription

1.) Implement a chat bot experience
Companies that are not using AI to help save time should be looking into it. Doing so can help remove the need for a customer service rep unless the chat bot is unable to answer a customer’s question.

2.) Introduce a customer success program
After selling your product or service to your customers, make sure they understand how to use or implement the new product they have just bought. Follow-up with instructional videos, training, and/or offer to answer any questions they may have.

3.) Analyze and Monitor your customer service team
Take advantage of programs and software’s that will help you monitor what is happening behind the scenes. Doing so will enable you to evaluate what areas may need improvement.

4.) Timeliness
Nowadays, customers expect the fastest possible response from a brand. Before a sale is made, the ones that respond first are more likely to get the sale. Fast responses can also help remedy a situation before a customer becomes frustrated.

5.) Get feedback
Many of your customers are willing to give feedback on what they enjoyed and may not have enjoyed about your customer service experience. Asking these questions can be the quickest way to find what problems may need to be fixed in your customer experience system.

6.) Take action on feedback
You now know what your customers have suggested you improve. The next step is to try and make those changes within your team, and continue to get feedback from your new customers. Continuous improvement will yield better results over time.

7.) Use customer data for a more tailored experience
Providing a relevant experience will help your customers feel better during your customer service process. This not only improves their experience, but also reduces customer interaction times by having their data at the ready.

8.) Make customer service a simple process for your customers

The easier it is to do business with you, the better. Making everything, including customer service a simple process for your customers, will make sure they continue to come back to you instead of your competitors.

9.) Make the extra effort

Sometimes all it takes is more effort to make your customers happy. Trying to handle customer service the cheapest way possible can actually cost you more money in the long-run. Having a detailed customer experience program with clear goals planned out will ensure your team makes the effort for great customer experiences every day.

10.) Follow up

Make sure your customer had a pleasant experience with your team member. Most companies do this differently, but find an effective message that will get good feedback for potential improvement.

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