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Learn more about our Features. Today call center managers and agents have a choice. They can remain stuck with a home grown system, add-on module with the recording system and complicated analysis tools. Or they can simply use Evaluate Quality™.

They can settle for an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all quality monitoring software, or they can benefit from a sophisticated yet simple customizable quality monitoring system in Evaluate Quality™.

They can pay through the teeth for features they’ll never use or benefit from today’s most powerful (and surprisingly affordable) quality monitoring solution in Evaluate Quality™.

Evaluate Quality™: Over 10 Years of Research, Client Input and Amazing Results

Evaluate Quality™ was developed with one purpose: To enhance the quality of your call center. Simply by putting this powerful quality monitoring and management system at the heart of your call center, your agents get better, your customers return to your business again and again, and your business and profits grow. It’s a predictable result we’ve seen time and again.

Of course, there’s no software or hardware to purchase as the technology is provided via Software as a Service (SAAS) that is flexible and affordable.

Evaluate Quality™ creates value by empowering your organization with analysis that drives quality, including:

quality monitoring icon2 - FeaturesReal-Time Reporting and Analytics: Always know the performance of your agents so you can take action immediately.

eval icon - FeaturesCustomizable Quality Evaluations: Create a customized quality monitoring system that’s perfect for your call center environment, your agents and your business goals.

centralized icon - FeaturesCentralized Quality Reporting: Independent of recording systems, you can evaluate all service channels — including calls, email and chat — from one centralized system.

predictive icon - FeaturesPredictive Analysis: Get a sneak peek of what’s ahead to better remedy it today.

coaching training icon - FeaturesManage Coaching and Consulting: Evaluate Quality™ includes coaching session management, scheduling, tracking and effectiveness.

calibrate icon - FeaturesCalibrate to Your Needs: The Evaluate Quality™ system provides real-time results and gap analysis. Achieve calibration across multiple locations and vendors.

sage analytics icon - FeaturesPowerful Analytics & Comprehensive Reporting: Evaluate Quality™ features reporting options designed for every member of your team — from agents and supervisors to managers and executives.

voice icon - FeaturesIntegrated Voice Response (IVR) Customer Satisfaction Surveys: These surveys are a critical piece of your overall quality monitoring needs. Evaluate Quality™ includes an automated IVR customer satisfaction survey component to ensure you always know where your customers stand. (Optional — Add-on Feature)

audit icon - FeaturesAudit/Appeals Tracking: Audits and appeals are essential to the success of your call center. Evaluate Quality™ includes audits/appeals tracking and the outcome of each. Evaluate Quality™ features reporting options designed for every member of your team — from agents and supervisors to managers and executives.

immediate icon - FeaturesImmediate Tech Support: Powered by Sage Advantage, we are always just one call away to answer any questions and offer assistance.

customize icon - FeaturesCustomizable to Your Needs: No matter your call center’s size, complexity or experience level, Evaluate Quality™ can be customized to fit all of your goals.

saas icon - FeaturesSingle SAAS Solution: With Evaluate Quality™, there’s no software or hardware needed. Everything is included!

Attend one of our demonstrations and see for yourself all the reasons why clients value our quality management services.