What is contact center quality solutions and how can it help my business?
Contact center quality solutions provide call center with solutions that help raise your customer service results and customer satisfaction, offering solutions and services to improve your contact center. One common solution is to record calls and manage associate performance in a call center. The recording and reviewing of calls allows management to understand the level of customer service provided and implement performance management accordingly. However, with a sophisticated call center reporting software, there is a lot more that can be done.

In fact, some might argue that the greatest value in call center reporting comes from the data that it can generate. Without a universal system in place, it can be difficult to aggregate information from a contact center. Associate-reported data may have bias or inconsistencies, and it would require too much manpower to staff a quality department to gather all of the information that a call center reporting software can easily provide.

What type of reports can contact center quality solutions options provide?
The reports generated by creating contact center quality solutions vary depending on the software used and the specific needs of the contact center. However, some of the more common reports include:
• Service level- as measured by customer feedback survey
• Average wait time/average talk time
• Speed of answer or time to resolution
• First contact resolution rate
• Cost per contact
• Agent schedule adherence
This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the type of data that can be extracted and analyzed by call center reporting. Your software system can be customized to report on exactly the data that is important to your organization.

What can be done with the information from using contact center quality solutions?
Of course, the data is valuable only so far as it is useful to the organization. In order to get the most benefit from call center reporting, the management team should choose a handful of key metrics to track regularly and report out on frequently. Transparency in what the metrics are and how performance is trending will help build support and alignment among all key stakeholders in the process.

Finding your contact center quality solutions partner
Your business can get started with contact center quality solutions options by working with an expert team to design and implement the optimal solution for your contact center’s specific needs. To learn more, consider contacting Evaluate Quality. The expert team at Evaluate Quality, founded by Sage Advantage, help you identify and design the solution that is right for your call center and help you get the crucial business data that you need. Evaluate Quality can be your full service partner for all of your contact center quality solutions needs. The firm is experienced in designing solutions that are tailored to their customer’s requirements. Contact Evaluate Quality now to schedule your no obligation demonstration.