Identify Opportunities and Leverage an Optimized
Approach to Contact Center Service Delivery

  • Engineer your customer service experience for success.
  • Gain business intelligence to support strategic direction and decisions.
  • Are you maximizing the value of your call center or back office service provider?
  • Does your call center service delivery metrics mirror customer feedback?
  • Is there 100% transparency within the service delivery model or supporting vendor?

If you answered “No” to any of the above questions, our professional services will  help align service and risk management objectives through detailed operational and service delivery analysis.

Do you have outsource providers, either call center or back office? Our expert team can help assess and ensure quality of work product and service delivery. Through a thorough analysis of the current state, control points and identify integrative linkages with resulting quality we help ensure you are getting the most from your outsource vendors. Learn more here about call center vendor quality management.

Just starting a new operation? Our expert team can help you get up and running quickly with the proper performance drivers and quality controls. Quickly integrate service quality analysis and have a clear picture of customer perception from the start?

“…They helped us avoid some pitfalls…”

“The team at Sage was able to review all of our processes including distributed agent model. They validated security processes as well as provided a new approach to quality management where both management and agents are thriving. They also helped us avoid some pitfalls, we greatly appreciate their insight and course correction.”

— Premium  Branded  Credit  Card  Service  Provider

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