Call monitoring software is a must have tool

Call monitoring software is developed around a platform that stands on three pillars. The first is the critical question of what exactly a corporate client wants from the system. The second pillar is the manner a client desires to monitor and track call agents. The last pillar revolves around the issue of who in the organization is granted authorization to access the system.

Call center monitoring software 300x222 - Call monitoring software for improved customer serviceThese three pillars are the life blood of any quality control system. A platform like this can be used to generate a comprehensive report on the quality of agents in an organization. Similarly, such a platform centralizes service channels such as chats, emails, and phone calls thus ensuring that monitoring and evaluation are enhanced.

Quality monitoring software features

With a good quality monitoring software, the client does not purchase any hardware or software. The client need only subscribe and tap into the platform. Secondly, the unique needs of each business are taken into consideration, and this means that the system is customized for each business. Third, client support is always available to any subscriber that has troubleshooting issues. Lastly, having an Integrated Voice Response Customer Satisfaction Survey which allows customers to give feedback on their satisfaction with the quality of service is very helpful.

Concerning the performance of staff, excellent features of a quality monitoring software include: Real Time Reporting and Analytics. This feature alerts management on the performance of the agents on the ground, and centralized quality reporting feature that is independent of recording systems.  This allows one to evaluate all service channels from a single system. A Customized Quality Evaluation function that can be used to track the performance of agents as well as the march towards attaining a given business goal.

Evaluate Quality™

Evaluate Quality, from Sage Advantage has all the features mentioned above in their call monitoring software. This call monitoring software has been used extensively in both the public and private sectors, and is now available to all types businesses and industries. This software can operate in call agencies that are both small and large. To get an idea of how efficient your business can run on this software, ask for a demonstration from one of the vendors’ customer service representatives. The thirty-minute presentation is free and will help you appreciate the effectiveness that this software brings on board your business.

Call monitoring software is a must have tool for any business that is keen on customer retention. Evaluate Quality™ offers a call monitoring software that is developed by Sage Advantage in Scottdale AZ. The developer of this software customizes a user platform that is unique to the needs of each corporate client.