About call monitoring software
Does Call Center Monitoring effect performance 300x200 - Does call monitoring software impact associate performance?Call monitoring software is an essential tool for most inbound and outbound contact centers. If you employ associates that interface directly with customers as their primary responsibility, you will want to ensure that you have an appropriate call monitoring software solution in place.

Call monitoring software records and facilitates the review of associate/customer interactions. It allows for “scoring” of associate performance, identification of issues or training needs, and empirical performance management. It can also be used to gather data that helps improve the operational efficiency of the contact center.

What associates should expect
When organizations implement call monitoring software, there is often apprehension both from management and associates. Associates may be concerned that they are being closely “watched”, and may feel uncomfortable with the process. Managers, on the other hand, may also feel uncomfortable with having to deliver difficult feedback.

However, data has shown that associates who are managed with call center monitoring typically improve their performance and overall deliver higher levels of customer service. The knowledge that calls can be recorded and reviewed incentivizes better performance in most cases.

Associates may also be grateful for the objectiveness of the data gathered from call monitoring software. They are able to have clear and well defined metrics for performance evaluation. When evaluations are delivered, they are factual, fair, and transparent. This can also help boost employee morale.

Impacts from implementation of call monitoring software
When you implement call monitoring software in your call center, expect to need to spend some time getting associates comfortable with the new processes and procedures. However, once this is achieved, you can also expect a boost in performance.

With call monitoring software, goals become clearer, progress easier to track, and training needs more accurately in easily identified. All of these factors can contribute to increased performance from associates and an overall improvement in customer satisfaction.

Choosing your call monitoring partner
If you are ready to see a positive improvement in both performance and morale from the employees in your contact center, look into implementing call monitoring software. Consider contacting the expert team at Evaluate Quality in the Phoenix/Scottsdale AZ area for all of your needs. Evaluate Quality, founded by Sage Advantage, can help your company evaluate opportunities for growth and improvement that can be addressed with call monitoring. They will assist you with every step the implementation of your new system to make sure you are satisfied.

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