What is call center reporting?

Call center reporting refers to the gathering, analysis, and dissemination of data received from a call center. Depending on the company and the type of call center, this data may take many different forms.

For example, contact center reporting may include distribution of data related to:

  • Call statistics: number of customer spoken to, duration of call
  • Customer satisfaction: resolution of customer issues, customer satisfaction surveys
  • Customer data: analysis or Pareto of customer issues/questions/frustrations, gathered from the customer contacts
  • Quality assurance: review of customer interactions to evaluate operators’ adherence to policies and scripts

Call center reporting can consist of data gathered internally, by the company/call center, or externally, by a third party. There are many different methods and formats that call center reporting can take. The contact center reporting can be customized to be very broad or very detailed, depending on the company’s requirements and the level of investment that they are willing to make in gathering and analyzing data.

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Why is call center reporting important for your business?

Contact center reporting can provide a number of both leading and lagging indicators to help shape continuous improvement in your business. For example, contact center reporting can tell you exactly how satisfied customers are with the level of service that they are receiving from the call center. This can enable the company to modify or improve operator training.

The data gathered from call center reporting can also identify product and business opportunities that the company may have been unaware of. Synthesizing the feedback of hundreds or thousands of customers into clear, concise data points can make common frustration points and needs apparent. This can then provide a springboard for development or improvement of products and services. Without the data gathered from call center reporting, leadership may have a harder time identifying these key strategic directions.

Finally, call center reporting can allow for easier and more quantifiable tracking of key performance indicators. Instead of opining on anecdotal evidence or qualitative opinions, decision makers can study hard data. This leads to faster, more accurate decision making and better alignment.

How can your company improve call center reporting?

It’s clear that call center reporting can have measurable benefits on a company’s performance. However, many companies struggle to define and implement reporting on their own. This is where an industry expert like Evaluate Quality can help.

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