About call center metrics reporting

Call center reporting may seem like a buzzword that you often hear thrown around in discussions of managing contact centers. But what does this really mean, and is it right for your business? In order to decide, an understanding of what call center reporting is and the types of metrics it can deliver is helpful.

Call center reporting broadly refers to the activities taken to formally and systematically gather, analyze, and distribute data from a contact center. Call center reporting generally goes hand in hand with call center quality assurance.

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Call center reporting can be achieved in several different ways, but it is most commonly executed through the use of software programs. These programs make it easy to pull information from contact centers and synthesize it into easy to understand and actionable metrics.

Metrics available with call center reporting

Call center reporting software can return a variety of metrics. With many programs, you can customize your call center reporting to focus and provide in depth information on those aspects of the business that are most important to you. Some of the basic metrics that can be provided in call center reporting include:

  • Call volume and call lengths
  • Response time
  • First-call resolution
  • Contact quality

Some of the more advanced metrics that your team may choose to track include:

  • Customer satisfaction (via the use of surveys)
  • Agent performance
  • Pareto of reasons for customer calls
  • Predictive analysis

These are merely examples of common metrics; your company may want or need to develop their own.

Choosing your metrics

In order to get the most value out of your call center reporting program, you will want to zero in on the metrics that are most important to your company. To do this, ask yourself: what are you trying to get out of your call center? Is it crucial to your business that you improve customer loyalty and retention? Are you looking to identify quality issues and customer frustrations, so they can be quickly addressed in future generations of your product or service? Or, are you simply striving to provide best in class customer service?

Based on your goals, you can target the most important metrics for your business. With a flexible, customizable call center reporting tool like Evaluate Quality, you can tailor the program to deliver these metrics.

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