Call center reporting boosts your call center performance and engagement

Call Center Reporting Evaluate Quality in Phoenix AZ 200x300 - Call center reporting increases associate performanceCall center reporting is a hot topic when it comes to the management of inbound and outbound customer contact centers. Almost every major call center needs to engage in some form of monitoring or reporting of calls.

Call center reporting may also be referred to as call center monitoring or call center QA. It encompasses the practice of gathering information from customer contacts and using this data to improve call center operations. Associate scoring and management is one of the many benefits of call center reporting.

Impact on associates

Associates in a call center where call monitoring is utilized know that their customer interactions are being recorded and reviewed regularly. This can help motivate agents to provide the best possible customer service.

The data that is reported out from call center monitoring can also be extremely helpful to both managers and associates alike. This data can provide a wealth of insights, from call statistics to customer satisfaction to customer feedback on specific issues or interactions. When used properly, this data can shape the training and performance improvement plans that are used in the contact center. It can also be distilled into metrics which give agents and associates clear targets and goals for performance.


Benefits from call center reporting

Some of the benefits from call center reporting include, but are not limited to:

  • Performance management- the ability to recognize and reward high performers and re-train or eliminate low performers
  • Fair and equitable evaluation- Agents can feel comfortable that metrics and standards are clear, and their performance appraisals are objective rather than subjective
  • More targeted and effective training- as a result of better data

As you can see, the benefits from call center reporting can be numerous. However, they are fully contingent on the degree to which the contact center embraces and utilizes the data provided.

Call center reporting from Evaluate Quality in Scottsdale AZ

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