About call center reporting

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Call center reporting is an integral function for any business with a contact center. As businesses grow, and customer interactions become more frequent and formalized, it is beneficial to implement call center reporting as soon as possible.

Call center reports are not only for giant contact centers. Actually, any business with an established customer service department which handles regular interactions with customers (via phone, email, and/or chat) should consider the benefits of call center reporting.


The thought of implementing call center monitoring and reporting can be daunting to some business owners and managers. They may even avoid the perceived disruption and cost associated with implementation. However, adding contact center reporting to your business doesn’t have to be painful. Depending on the size of the business and the specific needs, a tailored call center reporting solution can be instituted fairly quickly and easily.

Types of call center reporting

Call center monitoring and reporting does not need to involve additional hires, a new department, or the development of complicated systems and programs. Businesses of any size can benefit from the implementation of an established, pre-fabricated call center reporting solution.

An “out of the box” call center report solution is cost effective and easy to implement. However, will it work for your business? It is important to source a solution that is customizable to the specific size, industry, and requirements of your company. Otherwise, you could potentially be paying for features and services that you don’t need- and missing the ones that you do.

A solution like the software offered by Evaluate Quality provides both established programs and metrics and the ability to customize the call center reporting features to meet business needs.

Call center reporting implementation

When you work with a trusted partner like Evaluate Quality, the implementation of call center monitoring and reporting is easy and seamless to business operations. The Evaluate Quality call center monitoring system is a software as a service (SaaS), meaning that there is no complicated installation of hardware or program development required.

With Evaluate Quality, your business can be up and running measuring and managing call center reporting metrics quickly and without disruption.

Choosing your call center reporting partner- Sage Advantage and Evaluate Quality

If your business could benefit from the implementation of reporting for your call center, you will want an established partner with a proven track record of implementing valued and effective call center monitoring and reporting solutions.

For best results, contact the experts at Evaluate Quality today. The Evaluate Quality offering is unique in its customizability and affordability- making it an ideal choice for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and everyone in between.

Don’t wait any longer to start measuring, managing, and improving the output of your contact center- schedule a no obligation online demo with Evaluate Quality now!