Call center reporting- learn more

Call center reporting is an often undervalued benefit of call center monitoring. When businesses think about call center monitoring, they often focus on the activities of recording and reviewing customer interactions. However, that is only a small part of the benefit of having a call center monitoring system. Data reporting is also a vital part of call center monitoring.

Call center reporting refers to the gathering, synthesis, analysis and distribution of data and statistics garnered from a call center. This information provides management with a snap shot of the call center environment and how the department is operating. It can be valuable in making business decisions and identifying strategic objectives.

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Data gathered when you monitor your call center

There is a variety of data that can be gathered from a call center monitoring system. What data is reported, and to what extent, will vary based on the software system being used for monitoring and the requirements of the company. Some of the information that is commonly recorded as part of call center reporting includes:

  • Call statistics: number of calls, length of calls, peak call times, etc.
  • Customer statistics: reason for contact, number of calls or length of time to reach resolution, customer satisfaction
  • Associate performance metrics: time to resolve customer issues, frequency of issues resolved, customer feedback

Depending on the sophistication of the system and the way it is customized to serve the needs of the company, there may be other information tracked as well.

How to leverage this data

The data garnered from call center reporting is a boon for managers of call center operations. It allows them to make educated decisions on associate hiring, firing, and promotion; adjust staffing to meet the specific needs of the customer call patterns; update scripts and training to better serve customers; and even identify key business product or service improvements to resolve customer frustrations.

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