What is call center reporting?

Call center reporting brings order and quantitative data to the sometimes chaotic atmosphere of a call center. In a busy customer contact center, there may be hundreds or thousands of calls an hour being handled by associates. Reporting gives management the tools to confidently understand associate performance and call metrics.

Call center reporting refers to the output of data from a call center. This data is not necessarily limited to phone calls- it can cover chats and emails as well. When most people think of contact center reporting, what immediately comes to mind is call monitoring (recording and reviewing of customer interactions). While this is certainly an important part of the data reported, it is not the whole. Another key element of call center reporting is the collection of data and statistics about customer contacts- when customers are calling, how often, how long the interactions last, etc. 

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Who needs QA reporting on their call center?

You may think that contact center reporting is only the domain of huge companies with very large call centers, including hundreds or thousands of associates. However, the truth is that call center reporting can be beneficial for customer contact centers of almost any size. In addition to very large companies, smaller organizations have reaped the benefits of call center reporting as well.

Contact center reporting provides clarity and actionable data that is valuable to any sized business. With effective call center reporting, a contact center can lower operating costs by more appropriately training and staffing. The insights garnered from call center reporting allow management to target associate training needs to make measurable improvements, thus reducing call times and subsequently, wait times.

This, coupled with hard data about peak call times and call volume, can allow management to better align associate staffing level with needs. This reduces waste from idle labor and supports customer satisfaction by avoiding the frustration of long hold times.

How do I get started implementing call center reporting?

If your organization is not currently utilizing call center reporting, contact the experts at Evaluate Quality to learn more about why and how you should consider implementation. Whether you are in the Phoenix or Scottsdale AZ area or anywhere in the United States, the experienced team at Evaluate Quality can help design a software service specifically for your company’s call center reporting needs.

Evaluate Quality in Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ

Evaluate Quality is headquartered in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area and has helped many businesses of varying size throughout the US implement and manage call center reporting. With Evaluate Quality, your business can harness best practices in call center reporting to increase the efficiency and performance of your contact center. Contact Evaluate Quality now for a demonstration of their software solutions. Evaluate Quality was founded by Sage Advantage.