What is call center QA?
Call center QA, or quality assurance, is the practice of monitoring customer interactions in a call center to ensure that associate performance is meeting expectations. Call center quality assurance is usually referenced in regard to inbound and outbound calls, but it can also be utilized with emails and chats as well.

Call Center QA Evaluate Quality in Scottsdale AZ 300x200 - Call center QA: Improving customer satisfaction without adding headcountHistorically, call center QA has been performed by quality assurance technicians employed by the call center. These technicians would listen in on customer interactions- either live, or after they had been recorded- and review or score the associate performance. Any performance improvement needs or training voids could be identified and highlighted to management.

How can call center QA be performed with software?
There are some drawbacks with having call center QA performed entirely by quality technicians. For one thing, all of the manpower required can be expensive. For another, it can be difficult to schedule, especially if calls are being monitored live. Additionally, there is some subjectivity in the quality technician’s evaluation.

Lately, contact centers are increasingly utilizing a blend of sophisticated call monitoring software and human review. The human reviewers may be call center employees, or contracted third parties. The advances in call monitoring software have revolutionized the practice of call center quality assurance.

What are the benefits of call center QA software?
Call center QA software can help your contact center find the perfect balance of technology-driven monitoring and human review. The software system can gather call data, aggregate statistics, and provide reports. It can also randomly select and even-prescreen (by using voice recognition and looking for specified keywords) calls for employee review.

Using call center quality assurance software in conjunction with human review also gives organizations the flexibility to have call monitoring activities take place off site- for example, at a third party service. This reduces the employee headcount and resultant overhead costs at the contact center.

Choosing your call center QA partner- Evaluate Quality in Scottsdale AZ
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