What is call center QA?

Contact centers in Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ and throughout the United States have embraced call center QA, or quality assurance, to improve customer service.

Call center QA is generally implemented through the use of a software system that tracks and monitors customer engagements and provides valuable data about the interactions back to the management of the call center. While this might seem like a tool for managing associate performance, and it is, the real beneficiary is the customer.

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With call center QA, businesses can improve the quality of their customer interactions- leading to happier customers, improved reputation, and greater customer loyalty.

How does call center QA impact my customers?

Call center QA, when implemented correctly, improved the performance of the contact center. This leads to several tangible benefits for customers, including:

  • Shorter wait times and hold times
  • Being able to more quickly reach the correct associate for their needs
  • Better trained associates who are equipped to help
  • More polite and professional associate interactions
  • A feedback loop (such as post contact survey) that allows the customer to provide his or her input and feel heard

How can the customer benefit be measured?

One of the greatest benefits of call center management software is that it allows data to be synthesized in a standardized way, so that metrics can be measured and tracked. This allows the organization to see objective data reflecting performance improvement over time.

Some of the metrics that can be tracked to measure customer benefit include:

  • Total length of customer interaction
  • Time to resolution
  • Customer satisfaction (via post-interaction survey)
  • Number of calls required to reach resolution
  • Time to reach the appropriate associate

It is easy to justify the return on investment of a call center QA software system when the tangible benefits can be tracked and measured. The relatively small investment in a call center management software can reap enormous benefits in customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Finding your call center QA implementation partner at Evaluate Quality in Scottsdale AZ

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