What is call center QA?

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Call center QA, or call center quality assurance, refers to the broad practices of monitoring contact center activity, collecting and synthesizing call center data, and coaching and training call center operatives. These activities ensure that customer service levels are meeting management expectations, and identifies opportunities for growth and improvement that are highlighted through customer interactions.

Call center quality assurance can be managed internally by an organization or handled by a third party. Depending on the size and needs of the organization, the level of QA might differ. For example, some call centers may have the need to monitor or record every customer interaction. Others might simply randomly record and review occasional calls randomly.

Call center QA can be time consuming and expensive at times, but does not have to be. The investment QA provides significant value to a business in a number of different areas. In fact, not having call center QA often proves to be much more costly than implementing it!

What happens if a business doesn’t have call center QA?

Not having call center quality assurance means that a business could be missing out on a variety of opportunities for growth and advancement, not to mention profitability increases.

Firstly, without QA it is very difficult to manage or metric the performance of customer service associates. How can you be sure that your customers are receiving the level of service you expect? With call center QA, customer interactions are monitored and reviewed, and feedback and training is provided to the operators.

Furthermore, call center QA enables a company to gather precious data about customer interactions. They can learn why customers are reaching out, what their frustrations are, and where opportunities to improve products or services lie. By collecting and distributing this data, companies can make more informed decisions.

Finally, call center QA can put actionable data directly in the hands of senior management. Instead of relying on disparate reports and first-person narratives, company leadership can now have carefully collected, standardized data and information about customer interactions regularly delivered. This reduces wasted time and inefficiencies in data collection.

How can call center QA be implemented?

While some companies try to manage their own version of call center monitoring or call center QA implementation, it is a function that is best left to the experts. The experienced team at Evaluate Quality has designed a technologically advanced, fully customizable call center management solution.

By partnering with Evaluate Quality, founded by Sage Advantage in Scottsdale AZ,  your organization can reap the benefits of their knowledge and expertise with a fully functional call center monitoring model customized specifically for your business needs. Contact Evaluate Quality today to schedule your demo and learn more about how call center QA solutions can improve your business’s bottom line.