Call center QA
ISS 3222 00560 300x213 - Call center QA best practicesCall center QA-quality assurance refers to the practice of monitoring and measuring associate performance in a contact centers. Your associates are the face of your business and your brand, and in some cases they are the first interaction a customer has with your organization. It is critical to make sure that associates are doing the right things to ensure customer satisfaction.

Call center QA often takes the form of monitoring calls and reviewing and scoring them. In addition to calls, emails and chat transcripts can also be included. These interactions can be reviewed for general feedback, or scored specifically on a set of criteria predetermined by the contact center.

Customer satisfaction surveys may also be part of call center QA. This allows for real-time feedback on how happy a customer is immediately after the contact.

Best practices for call center QA
All contact centers are different, and they will have different needs, metrics, and practices. However, there are certain best practices that apply to all call centers, whether they are inbound or outbound, small or large.

Manage what you measure: The data provided by call center QA can be invaluable, but only if you put it to good use. Make sure that management is regularly reviewing, analyzing, and acting upon the valuable information your call center QA system is providing.

Make criteria transparent to associates: The methods and metrics you use to evaluate associate performance shouldn’t be a secret. Make sure the process is clear to all employees so they understand their roles and responsibilities.

Provide rewards and incentives for high performers: If certain associates are doing a really great job of meeting and exceeding customer expectations, you’ll want to incentivize them to stay. Make sure a rewards program is part of your call center QA. This will also motivate associates to work harder to hit goals.

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