About call center monitoring software

Call center monitoring software puts the control of customer service interactions back into the hands of a company. It also provides valuable business insights gathered from customer service interactions.

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Call center monitoring software works by tracking, recording, and evaluating the interactions between customers and customer service associates. The data received is used to evaluate service associate performance. It is also gathered for analysis of customer frustrations, types of interactions received, customer feedback, and more.

Tangible benefits of call center monitoring software

The most direct benefit of call center monitoring software is improvement of associate performance and, by extension, customer service. Call center monitoring allows a company to pinpoint and implement training needs for associates. It also provides a mechanism to reward high performing customer service associates and identify low performers.

Well implemented call center monitoring software also provides valuable business insights. A dashboard can inform management at a glance how many customer touch points are occurring, how long they last, and why they were initiated. Customer feedback can be gathered and analyzed, potentially through the use of surveys. This feedback can then be used to drive the company’s strategic direction.

For example, a consumer products company may learn that customers are reaching out frequently regarding a previously unknown defect or failure mode in the product. This provides the opportunity to improve the next generation. Or, customers may be contacting the company seeking an alternative use for the product that is not currently in scope. This could drive future product development.

Cost of call center monitoring software

The cost of call center monitoring software can vary greatly from company to company. There are several different kinds of call center monitoring software which may be purchased.

A company can source a completely “out of the box” solution. This is a popular option, and may represent a low cost. However, it is difficult or impossible to customize. An out of the box software solution may contain features a company doesn’t need, and omit those that it does.

There are also fully customizable software as a service call center monitoring solutions, such as that offered by Evaluate Quality.  With Evaluate Quality’s product, a company can customize the features of their call center monitoring package to provide the greatest return on their investment.

Implementing call center monitoring software in your business

If you are interested in implementing call center monitoring software for your company, contact the experts at Evaluate Quality today, founded by Sage Advantage in Scottsdale, AZ. They can help you introduce an easy to use, fully customized contact center management solution at a surprisingly competitive cost. Don’t wait to improve the quality of your call center and your customer interactions. Call today to schedule your demonstration!