What is call center monitoring software?

Call center monitoring software is a quality assurance tool for contact centers. It allows an organization to record and monitor customer contacts and pull data and information from customer interactions.

Call center monitoring software is often customized to provide specific features and track certain results that a company wants to measure. Besides call recording (which can be reviewed for customer service QA), call center monitoring software also provides data such as:

  • Average call length
  • Average amount of time for customer to reach the appropriate associate
  • Customer satisfaction (as measured by post-call survey)
  • Number of contacts required to receive resolution

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Besides receiving all of this valuable data, businesses that have implemented call center monitoring software also generally see a significant improvement in the performance of associates.

What impact does call center monitoring software have on associates?

Call center monitoring has several benefits for associates. Firstly and most obviously, recording and monitoring calls allows the organization to identify and address associates who are not providing the desired quality of service or who require additional training.

Call center monitoring software also provides “big picture” data that helps identify training needs across the entire contact center. For example, the data might reveal that a certain query or need is a repeated cause of customer contact, and it may not already be addressed in the associates’ scripts and training.

Finally, the mere presence of a call center monitoring can influence associate behavior. When associates are aware that their interactions are being recorded and monitored, they are more apt to behave politely, professionally, and appropriately.

How can associate improvement be measured?

A business can track the value received by the implementation of call center monitoring software. This tracking may include improvement in associate performance.
One of the best baseline metrics for call center quality is customer satisfaction surveys. With call center monitoring software, your business can implement post-contact surveys automatically. The results of these surveys can be tracked over time to provide a picture of how customer service has improved.

Associate improvement can also be tracked through the rating of specific contacts. When monitored calls are reviewed, the reviewers will “score” the associate’s performance. This will allow managers to see the trend in performance over time.

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