Call center monitoring software issues

Call center monitoring software is often a solution to dealing with some of the most common issues in call center management. If you’re involved in the management of a call center, you are probably familiar with some of these frequent problems. Here are some of those common issues, and the ways that effective call center monitoring software can help:

  1. Poor associate training

Associate training is one of the most difficult aspects of a call center to manage. After all, how can one possibly predict, and prepare for, the myriad of questions, concerns, and issues that customer bring when initiating contact? Often, associates are under prepared and ineffective- resulting in low customer satisfaction.

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Call center management makes it easy to identify where customer service falls down through the monitoring and scoring of calls. This also provides the opportunity to better identify common themes in customer calls, so that better scripts can be developed.

2. Lack of associate engagement

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes associates lack motivation or vision to provide world-class customer service in the contact center.

With call center monitoring software, associates are aware that they are being monitored and scored. Utilizing this data to reward and encourage good behavior and identify and correct less desirable behavior will boost associate motivation and engagement.

3. No reporting or inaccurate reporting

The only thing worse than a lack of data is bad data. Can you trust the metrics and measurements coming out of your call center? Without sophisticated call monitoring software, your reports may be little more than hearsay.

Objective scorecards and quantitative statistics garnered from call center monitoring software provide data you can rely on- and make decisions on.

4. Trouble optimizing the work force

If you don’t know what your peak call times are or the average amount of time required to resolve a customer call, how can you staff appropriately? It can be painful to see a contact center where associates are alternately left without work, or fielding dozens of callers with long wait times.

The data gathered from call center monitoring software can identify and highlight trends and call statistics, allowing call center management to better staff for expected needs.

Getting started with Evaluate Quality in Scottsdale, AZ

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