About call center monitoring

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Call center monitoring refers to the practice or recording, tracking, or gathering data from customer interactions that occur in a call center. The name can be misleading- in addition to calls, these interactions make take the form of emails or live chats.

There are many ways such monitoring can be achieved. Some companies use in house systems, such as company developed programs or ERP system add-ons. Other companies purchase software to monitor their call centers, or outsource the entire operation to a third party.

Why is call center monitoring important?

Call center monitoring allows an organization to keep its finger on the pulse of the customer’s experience. For example, recording calls and analyzing the data they contain can assist management in understanding customer frustrations and product or service issues. This information can also shed light on training opportunities for the call center operators, to enhance the customer service experience.

Additionally, monitoring these interactions can provide the opportunity for a company to proactively solicit data from customers through customer satisfaction surveys. This can provide valuable insights to improve the company’s performance and shape strategies going forward. Further, implementing call center monitoring and management gives the organization control of the quality of the call center by making customer interaction data available to measure and metric.

Managing call center monitoring

It can seem daunting to create or implement a sophisticated system for monitoring call centers. After all, it is well outside the area of expertise for many companies. Some companies, especially smaller ones, have no formalized monitoring at all. This can be a costly mistake, as these businesses may struggle to understand or address customer service issues- which in turn, harms customer retention.

Other companies may use “home grown” monitoring systems or solutions. These can be difficult to manage and service, and may struggle to keep up with the needs of a growing organization.

Outsourcing monitoring for your call center is another option some businesses pursue. This can take the form of buying call center monitoring software, or contracting with a third party to manage the entire process, including recording, training, and gathering and analyzing data.

Improving your company’s call center monitoring

Most business could benefit from improving their call center monitoring (or implementing a program, if they don’t already have one). Doing so can create organizational efficiency, improve visibility to issues and opportunities, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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